Endion Schichtel, “Ondiona Jones”,  has spent the last decade using art and costume theatre as a mechanism for communicating environmental issues. She currently is working two environmental educator jobs in New Mexico. In one, as an educator for the Albuquerque Water Utility Authority, Endion writes and performs puppet shows about the importance of water. They are presented throughout all of Albuquerque Public Schools. She also guides field trips to the Rio Grande River and its surrounding forest, reaching 20,000 fourth graders a year.

In her other position, she helps run a forest day-care through Elevation Children’s Learning Center. It is the first forest school licensed in New Mexico, allowing  unrestricted nature immersion for youth 5 years and younger.

Both positions have ample opportunity to continue her research, expand her craft, and experience the magic of learning with all ages.

The Conscious Army was a random brain child that, once created, would help her find other folks who were as hard working and weird as her…And who wanted to make art to communicate importance issues.

She is excited to combine her love of science and circus in an education setting by creating the Conservation Carnivale, a travelling forest circus with vintage flair.

Below are some past works.

Teaching Costumes:

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Music Videos:


“Confession” official music video by Myles Bullen from the “Wake Up Century” album, available everywhere!

Additional Vocals by Ben Toppi and Topher Stephenson

Filmed by Sarah Violette

Fire Dancing by Endion Schichtel Wake UpCentury album – https://mylesbullen.bandcamp.com/


Created for U.S. Forest Service, the song “Sustain” contains elements and language from the internal federal documents that describe of the Forest Service’s Sustainable Recreation program in New Mexico and Arizona, USA.The video includes partners from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, City of Albuquerque Open Space, and Great Old Broads for Wilderness non profit. Performances were done by youth from Warehouse 508 community non profit and the Bernalillo County Mountain View Community Center. This can be used as an education tool to inspire kids and adults of all ages to explore, appreciate, and enjoy the outdoors.

Performed by MscottLovesLife
Photographed & Edited by Jared Olguin
Video Produced by Endion Schichtel