Anna Welch  is a traveling printmaker, muralist and artist for social change.IMG_7471                  She graduated from Maine College of Art in May, 2017 and has spent the following year and a half in AmeriCorps NCCC, doing carnival-themed artist residencies with Bread and Puppet, Carnival de Resistance, and exploring various forms of storytelling through shadow puppetry and “Crankie” making.

Her work encompasses various themes of feminism in relationship to the environment, travel, and personal narratives blending illustration, printmaking, and performance. When she is not making art, Anna likes to contra dance, juggle, and learn eclectic new skills in the realm of construction, organic farming, and banjo. While much of her work is done individually, Anna has been involved in many collaborative projects in spirit of service, social justice and creative education.

She hopes her mural work with Endion Schichtel’s Conservation Carnivále is a step towards getting kids excited about conserving water and resources within the Rio Grande watershed and creating a relationship with the Bosque forest.