Coming all the way from New Hampshire/Maine/Texas/Missouri/Philly  Anna Welch is a travelling artist and do-gooder. Fresh off an AmeriCorps season, she dedicated a week of her life to come to New Mexico and create our ecosystem sideshow banners for the Conservation Carnivale ! She couldn’t have done it without the extra set of steady hands belonging to Kelsey Erickson, our first volunteer carny.

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September 2018 — The Green Machine…now with propaganda!

Gratitude goes to the folks (especially Rose!) at A&A Signs on Monroe and Zuni for taking the extra time to work with our lofty (and many times vague) visions for the text.



August 2018 — LivLab Studios gives the Green Machine an eye job!

New back windows mean a variety of things: more ventilation, ability to spy on people from the inside, the ability for people to spy from the outside, pass things through them…the possibilities are endless! Step one in making a dream a reality for the Conservation Carnivale.



June 2018 — Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

LivLab Studios has generously agreed to house our Green Machine and partner up in its conversion into a mobile environmental education tank of exploration. We are excited to expand our community with them as we attempt our Conservation Carnivale!

Tumble SEEDS van



2014 — New Mexico and Arizona, USA

Created for U.S. Forest Service by MscottLovesLife, the song “Sustain” contains elements and language from the internal federal documents that describe of the Forest Service’s Sustainable Recreation program in New Mexico and Arizona, USA.

The video includes partners from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, City of Albuquerque Open Space, and Great Old Broads for Wilderness non profit. Performances were done by youth from Warehouse 508 community non profit and the Bernalillo County Mountain View Community Center. This can be used as an education tool to inspire kids and adults of all ages to explore, appreciate, and enjoy the outdoors. Partner up, Provide, Protect, and Perform!

Performed by MscottLovesLife
Photographed & Edited by Jared Olguin
Video Produced by Endion Schichtel